USSSA Team Managers...
--Did you request your background check yet? ***NOTE: The Blue Box must read "2021" to be cleared.
--Did you check your email for the unique link to the questionnaire?
--Did you complete the questionnaire?
--Did you pay $13.50?
If the answer to all the above is YES, wait 2-7 business days for the background check to clear, then CREATE YOUR TEAM!

***NOTE: You may or may NOT get an email notifying you that you cleared. You have to check your team page.
Once your background check is cleared, you can create your team for the 2021 season.


The process to register a USSSA/USAES team for 2021 starts with a mandatory USSSA/JDP background check of the TEAM MANAGER. No clear background check = no create team.

Below are the steps to request and complete a background check and then create a team for the 2021 season, which starts September 1st, 2020.

Go to | LOGIN | Team Managers

Login with your current TEAM MANAGER ID #. If you do not know your TEAM MANAGER ID # and/or password, email your State Director. DO NOT CREATE A NEW TEAM MANAGER unless you want to start over (no former team affiliation or player/roster history).

Login to your Team Manager Account with your number (not an email address).


If you do not have a Team Manager account, create one (Create a Manager Account).

If your Team Manager page is blank, click CREATE A NEW TEAM to proceed to the next page.

The first, and most important, step to creating your team for the 2021 USSSA Season, which starts September 1, 2020, is the Team Manager USSSA/JDP BACKGROUND CHECK. Without it, you will not be able to create a team for 2021.

It MUST be done through the link you receive in the email when you click REQUEST BACKGROUND CHECK.
You may have to click CREATE TEAM to get to the page with REQUEST BACKGROUND CHECK button.


If you only see 2020, you need a new background check for the new 2021 season, which starts Sept 1st, 2020.

It is mandatory, even if you did a background check recently with your employer, another company, association, or organization. It must be done through JDP, USSSA's partner performing criminal background checks. They are one of the leading background check companies in the country for youth sports.
It is a simple process. Request the Background Check on your Team Page, then look for an email with a unique link to the questionnaire, It takes 10-15 minutes to complete the background questionnaire. It takes 2-7 business days to get clearance.

Then you can CREATE YOUR TEAM.

Team Managers must clear background check FIRST, then Coaches will be added AFTER team is created, which is AFTER background check for Team Manager is submitted and cleared. All Managers and Coaches will be required to have a clear Background Check through USSSA/JDP; no other background check is accepted.

NOTE: The entire background check process should take 2-7 business days but for some areas of the Country that do not have all of the criminal records on a computer file could take up to 2 weeks but that is a very small percentage of the Country.

For More Frequently Asked Questions:

USSSA/USAES Fastpitch sanctioning fee is $50 for the entire season (September 1st, 2020-July 31, 2021. *** NOTE: USAES is now under the umbrella of USSSA.

The mandatory/required USSSA background check for team managers and coaches costs $13.50. JDP, one of the leading background check companies in the country for youth sports, performs the background check. *** NOTE: USSSA requires this background check through JDP even if the participant has cleared a recent BGC with another association, employer, or entity.

Unfortunately, USSSA cannot accept background check results from another organization. Even though there might be significant duplication of effort when it comes to the same sort of criminal background check required by various entities, separate organizations are not permitted to share background check reports on individuals. In addition, different entities use different criteria to judge someone’s suitability for employment, membership or service. There are no standard criteria by which search reports by various organizations are evaluated.

For 2021 season, which starts September 1st, 2020, the USAES and USSSA segments will be combined into one sport. Starting with the September events, USAES (Elite Select) tournaments will be listed under USSSA. They will be listed as USA ES WFC Qualifier or USA ES Invitational.

Only USAES and USSSA A/OPEN teams can participate in USAES events.
USSSA B and C teams cannot participate in USAES events.
USAES and USSSA A teams will be allowed to participate in USSSA Open or A events Benefits of this change include:
One team to Manage for Coaches
One official Roster for each team
One registration price = 2020 season rate One team created in the system One sport shown on Team Dashboard

Thank you for playing USSSA

Gordon Patterson
State Director, Florida USSSA Fastpitch
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(561) AUTISM 4 | (561) 288-4764