May 20, 2020


The continued health and safety of our players, coaches, spectators, directors, staff, umpires, vendors, and park personnel is extremely important to us.

With that said, the integrity of the game is important, too. The game on the field will be played as normal. The catcher will NOT be required to be 6 feet from the batter or home plate. Umpires calling balls and strikes should allow adequate distance behind the catcher, while still able to perform their duty. Players and coaches should practice physical distancing at all times. No in-close team huddle/meeting in the pitcher's circle or 1st/3rd base to discuss plays or situations. Obviously, physical distancing won't always apply to players making plays on the field.

We can play and enjoy the game while maintaining social distancing. However, we need everyone's cooperation to make this happen.

Below are guidelines for most Florida USSSA Fastpitch events. Please note that some of these guidelines may not be applicable at all facilities due to logistics. The Tournament Director may post additions, subtractions, or modifications.

Also note that these guidelines are subject to change at any time. City, local, state, and federal guidelines may supersede these guidelines.